Retail Shelving

Steelspan retail shelving and display system is a suberb solution for the modern retail outlet. The stylish and adaptable nature of the Steelspan retail shelving series and its extensive range of accessories makes it the ideal for displaying just about any product - hardware, clothes, shoes, giftware, groceries, car parts, habidashery, wine and spirits, to name just a few. Shelves can be metal, plastic, wood or glass to suit the product on display.

Steelspan retail shelving is available in a range of dimensions up to 5 metres high, 800mm deep and extended to any length. Muti-tier shelving structures and platforms can also be constructed to maximise storage in limited retail space.

The Steelspan retail shelving system can also be used to create customer counters, work bench areas and product bins.

Contact a Steelspan Storage Systems consultant to gain advice about how Steelspan retail shelving can address your retail display and storage requirements.