Crane Liftable Oxy/Acetylene Trolley


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The STOREMASTA Gas Bottle Trolley (GCL10) transforms storing and moving oxygen and acetylene cylinders into a safe, practical process. Fork channels, a crane lifting attachment, an adjustable handle and wheels ensure the trolley is highly mobile, as well as transportable by forklift, excavator or crane - making it an ideal tool for inaccessible locations like high rise buildings or ship holds.

To promote safe storage and protect gas cylinders in crowded workplaces, the compact trolley features enclosed sides, a hose hook and ratchet strap. A 300kg workload certification and adjustable ergonomic design allow operators to safely lift the heaviest of gas bottles.

Designed for busy manufacturing, construction, engineering and maintenance sites, our oxy acetylene trolleys are built with solid wheels and a corrosion resistant powdercoat finish for equipment longevity.

External Dimensions H 1350 W 600 D 682
Full Weight 95kg

Note: This item may incur a ‘bulky or heavy item’ delivery charge. If our freight costs are substantially higher, we will contact you within 2 business days to discuss an additional delivery charge. A full refund will be issued if you choose not to accept the additional charge.


  • Fork channels
  • Crane lifting attachment
  • Adjustable handle and wheels
  • 300Kg Safe Work Load Limit
  • A hose hook, ratchet strap and enclosed sides keep equipment safely contained
  • An adjustable handle to allow operators to use the trolley in an ergonomic position that suits their specific body height, build and strength
  • Solid soft cushioned wheels prevent down time by removing the risk of tyre punctures.
  • High build powdercoat finish provides superior resistance to corrosion, preserving the structural integrity of the trolley.

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