Expanding Roller Conveyors

SKU: TR3010

Size:: TR3010: 460mm Wide
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Expanding Roller Conveyors

  • Flexible roller conveyor which expands from 1500mm to 4000mm
  • Multiple units can be joined to make one continuous conveyor system
  • Ideal for odd shaped cartons and bags for which the skate wheel conveyor won't work
  • Easy and quick setup with adjustable height legs and 125mm brake castors on every leg
  • Reduces manual handling
  • Bolted steel construction with steel rollers
  • Capacity: 130kg per metre
  • Length Retracted: 1500mm
  • Length Expanded: 4000mm
  • Height Range: 690 - 1000mm

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SKU Name
TR3010 Expanding Roller Conveyor - 460mm Wide
TR3011 Expanding Roller Conveyor - 600mm Wide
TR3012 Expanding Roller Conveyor - 760mm Wide

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