Extra Large Scissor Lift Trolleys

SKU: TR2020

Size:: TR2020: 500kg Capacity
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Extra Large Scissor Lift Trolleys

  • These extra large scissor lift trolleys are excellent for handling large bulky items
  • The table is elevated by a pump action foot pedal and lowered by a hand operated release trigger
  • Safety overload bypass valve
  • Positive braking system on rear wheels
  • Durable powder-coated finish
  • Stepless rate of lowering regardless of load weight

Buying Options

SKU Name
TR2020 Extra Large Scissor Lift Trolley - 500kg Capacity
TR2021 Extra Large Scissor Lift Trolley - 1000kg Capacity


Load Capacity

Min Height

Max Height

Table Size
(W x L)

Unit Weight

TR2020 500kg 290mm 915mm 810 x 1600mm 154kg
TR2021 1000kg 360mm 1360mm 750 x 2035mm 198kg

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