Galvanised Rivet Shelving - Depth 570mm | Width 2410mm

SKU: GRS570-2410-1

Height: H1334mm
Shelf Type: Particleboard
Shelf Levels: 4 x Shelf Levels
Sale price$583.73


Galvanised Rivet Shelving

Available in depths of 430mm or 570mm, configurable for up to 10 shelf levels.

Galvanised rivet shelving is used for a variety of applications including box or archive storage, storerooms, parts storage, workshops and even cool room shelving.

Its electro galvanised surface treatment and the ability to remove the shelves and clean them means it can be used as cool room shelving. Being electro galvanised (otherwise known as zinc plated) the surface is metallic and caution should be used when choosing a cleaning product. A neutral cleaner is only to be used (Neutral in PH soapy water is recommended) so that a chemical reaction does not take place on the zinc plating itself. It should also be noted that food products that may spill on the shelving itself needs to be cleaned immediately to avoid this type of chemical reaction also, as some foods can be acidic and which can cause a similar reaction which appears on the shelving as a discolouration to the zinc plating. Some examples of acidic foods are citrus fruits, tomatoes, pineapple, vinegar, picked foods, or strawberries just to list a few, and these among others need to be cleaned immediately to avoid a reaction to the zinc plated surface.

Available in a variety of shelf types, the chipboard is commonly used for general purpose applications and the steel galvanised deck is generally used for grocery applications and the mesh deck for cool rooms.

Some other features include a wide range of heights, depths and bay lengths to accommodate almost any layout. The feet are adjustable to make it easy to level the shelving where the floor surface is uneven. And the step beam allows a flush fitting of 18mm particle board. Beam ties are used to hold together the front and back z-beams, which also strengthens the shelving unit.

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