Heavy Duty Manual Fork Stackers

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Options:: TR2280: Standard leg Stacker - 500kg capacity
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Heavy Duty Manual Fork Stackers

  • These manual fork stackers are a very heavy duty construction and are an economical alternative to forklifts.
  • Manual hydraulic lift via pallet truck style handle or foot pedal.
  • Straddle leg model for use with standard 1170mm Australian pallets.
  • Standard leg model for use on Euro pallets and small skids.
  • Lockable wheels are standard on all models


Lift Capacity

Overall Width

Overall Length

Overall Height

Minium Fork Height

Maximum Fork Height

TR2280 500kg 805mm 1600mm 2000mm 90mm 1600mm
TR2281 500kg 1500mm 1600mm 2000mm 70mm 1500mm
TR2282 1000kg 1000mm 1640mm 2085mm 90mm 1600mm
TR2283 1000kg 1450mm 1560mm 2050mm 70mm 1560mm

Buying Options

SKU Name
TR2280 Standard leg Stacker - 500kg capacity
TR2281 Straddle Leg Stacker - 500kg Capacity
TR2282 Standard leg Stacker - 1000kg capacity
TR2283 Straddle Leg Stacker - 1000kg Capacity

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