Longspan Galvanised Mesh Shelving - Add-On Bay: H3000 x W2400 x D900

SKU: LSM3000-900-2400A-4

Additional Shelf Levels: 4 x Shelf Levels (Standard)
Sale price$725.98


Longspan Shelving

Storage is an extremely crucial aspect for any warehouse or home shed. Having the right storage system in place is the best way to maximise storage space and increase productivity, so a proper shelving system is a must to keep all stored items and goods organised.

Our Longspan shelving can be easily configured to suit your requirements and there are numerous applications available, whether you are expanding your facilities or upgrading an existing storage shelving system. Longspan shelves are a highly practical solution for numerous applications including:

  • Retail stores
  • Shipping containers
  • Distribution centres
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Mechanical workshops or garage
  • Storage warehouses
  • Mezzanine floors

The possibilities are truly endless with Longspan shelving and you will see the benefit of implementing such a system at your business or in your workshop. The upfront investment for warehouse shelves is well worth the cost.

The boltless assembly makes them easy to put together by standing up the frame, putting the beams into position, and locking the pins in place. The Longspan shelves are easy to move vertically as the posts are punched with a 50mm pitch allowing for a shelf level to be moved if required. This Longspan shelving although durable is designed for small to medium-sized items. Placing heavier items could compromise the system and cause the boards to sag. Additional board supports are available for applications with a higher point weight load.

A range of lengths and heights are available depending making then suitable for any layout, and makes it convenient to configure your system as the business continues to expand. The surface treatment is a dark grey powdercoat, and the shelf materials available are chipboard, metal or mesh Meshs.

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