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Our Mezzanine Staircases are durable and flexible in their construction, making them a fantastic addition to both physical environments such as warehouses and more aesthetic spaces such as offices. We offer a range of staircases including industrial, mezzanine and fire stairs to help you choose the design that best suits your needs.

We design, fabricate and install a range of staircases including industrial staircases, fire-staircases and others suitable for offices. All of our staircases are designed using steel but can be supplied in a number of configurations including wooden treads, spine designs, and more.

Industrial Staircases

Our industrial staircases are made out of high grade industrial steel suitable for difficult working environments. These staircases are designed to sustain constant wear and tear, providing robust support over the long term.

Mezzanine Stairs

Our mezzanine stairs are designed to work in conjunction with our mezzanine floors. They are made to provide strong support, however, remain completely free-standing, requiring no bolts to your walls or floor. This makes these stairs easy to set up and remove as your business changes.

Fire Staircases

Fire staircases are designed to meet stringent Australian and BCA requirements, designed for both regular use and use in case of an emergency; they are a flexible and necessary addition to any warehouse, office or business that is serious about worker safety.

Customisable Staircase Designs & Features
    • Customisable designs. Our designs are highly customisable, giving you the option to choose the appearance that best suits your business; from industrial staircases that focus purely on function to more elegant styles suitable for offices. Our stairs may include features such as glass, wood or spinal patterns.
    • Tailored tread options. The type of tread is an important consideration for the durability and overall appeal of a staircase. We provide a number of options including steel, mesh or wood.
    • Custom handrail designs. Our handrail designs are customisable and include a range of options; from durable plain steel handrails to contemporary glass designs. We can even exclude the handrail completely if it isn’t needed for the build.
    • Multiple levels or mid-landings. We are experts at fitting staircases into the existing structure of your business, including multi-level designs for taller warehouses or mid-landings for tighter office spaces.

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