Multi-Purpose 2 Tier Trolley

SKU: TR1020

Size: TR1020: 480x740mm
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Multi-Purpose 2 Tier Trolley

  • General purpose industrial quality 2 tier trolleys for goods transportation
  • 2 deck sizes available - 740x480mm or 920x610mm
  • Powder coated steel construction with vinyl decks
  • Surround bumper on perimeter of trolley
  • Ergonomically designed with handle at optimum height
  • Back wheels are fixed castors and front wheels are swivel castors
  • Supplied flatpack


Load Capacity


Net Weight

Handle Weight

TR1020 150kg 100mm 20kg 910mm
TR1021 370kg 130mm 34kg 1000mm

Buying Options

SKU Name
TR1020 2 Tier Platform Trolley - 480x740mm
TR1021 2 Tier Platform Trolley - 610X920mm
TR1005B Brake Kit to Suit TR1021

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