Stainless Steel Battery Electric Work Positioner

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Size:: TR2210: 100kg Capacity
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Stainless Steel Battery Electric Work Positioner

  • These stainless steel lifters are ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries where hose down is required.
  • Automatic electric overload protection system ensures safe operation.
  • Comes standard with a platform however other customised options are available if required
  • EN1757 compliant. CE marked
  • Battery electric with built in charger that you can plug in anywhere
  • Power: 24v, 200W
  • Battery: 24v, 12.0Ah
  • Rear Wheel Size: 125mm
  • Front Wheel Size: 75mm
  • Load Centre: 235mm

Buying Options

SKU Name
TR2210 Stainless Steel Work Positioner 100kg
TR2211 Stainless Steel Work Positioner 150kg

Platform Height
Leg Height
Min Height
Max Height
Overall Size
TR2210 100kg 470x600(LxW) 110mm 130mm 1700mm 600x890x1790mm
TR2211 150kg 470x600(LxW) 110mm 130mm 1500mm 600x890x1990mm

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