RUT shelving dividers

Are you looking for a reliable storage solution that can enhance efficiency and organisation in your industrial or commercial workplace? Look no further than RUT shelving

Rolled Upright Type (RUT) shelving is a versatile and durable steel shelving unit that can revolutionise your storage capabilities. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the features, benefits, and applications of RUT shelving, as well as provide practical tips on how to optimise it in your workplace.

Table of contents

What is RUT shelving?

Benefits of RUT shelving

How to configure RUT shelving in your space

Where to use RUT shelving

How RUT shelving can maximise efficiency in your workplace

Cleaning and maintaining your RUT shelving

What is RUT shelving?

RUT shelving is a type of steel shelving that offers exceptional strength, durability and engineering integrity. It is constructed with solid back and side panels, featuring a rolled front edge for a smooth finish. This design provides stability and protection for stored items and enhances your workplace's overall aesthetic. The panels and shelves are made from premium pre-painted steel, ensuring long-lasting performance.

One of the key advantages of RUT shelving is its flexibility. It is available in a wide range of depths, widths and heights, allowing you to customise it to your specific storage requirements. Whether you need to store spare parts, files, office equipment, or other small items, RUT shelving can accommodate your needs.

Benefits of RUT shelving

RUT shelving


RUT shelving offers several benefits that can significantly improve efficiency and organisation in your workplace. Let's explore some of these advantages:


RUT shelving is suitable for a variety of storage applications. From industrial warehouses to offices, hospitals to libraries, and retail outlets to general storerooms, RUT shelving can meet the needs of diverse industries. Its wide pick-face makes it ideal for personnel-accessed picking systems, allowing for easy retrieval of items.

Quick installation and adjustment

Installing and adjusting RUT shelving is a breeze. The panels and shelves come pre-punched with holes, enabling quick and hassle-free installation. The top and bottom shelves are fixed with bolts and nuts, while the inner shelves are easily clipped onto pierced holes and adjustable at 1-inch intervals. This flexibility allows you to reconfigure the shelving system as your storage needs evolve.

Strength and durability

RUT shelving is built to last. Its solid steel construction, along with the bolted frames, ensures a sturdy and reliable storage solution. The premium pre-painted steel used in its manufacturing provides increased resistance to scratches and wear and tear, maintaining the integrity of the shelving unit over time.

Easy extension and modification

As your storage needs change, RUT shelving can be easily extended, modified, or relocated. Whether you need to increase your shelf loads with additional shelves, reconfigure the layout, or move the shelving system to a different area, RUT shelving offers the flexibility to adapt to your evolving requirements. This scalability makes it a cost-effective and future-proof investment. 

How to configure RUT shelving in your space

One of the key advantages of RUT shelving is its configurability. You can customise the shelving system to meet your specific storage needs. Whether you require additional shelves, different shelf heights, or a combination of light and medium-duty shelving, RUT shelving can be tailored to your requirements.

To optimise the configuration of your RUT shelving, consider the following factors:

Inventory size and weight

Take into account the size and weight of the items you need to store. Use heavier-duty shelving for larger or heavier inventory to ensure the shelves can safely support the load.


Consider how frequently you need to access the stored items. If you require frequent access, ensure that the shelving layout allows for easy retrieval without obstruction.

Future Expansion

Anticipate future growth and expansion of your storage needs. Leave room for additional shelves or bays to accommodate future inventory growth.

Integration with Small Parts Trays

RUT shelving is designed to integrate seamlessly with small parts trays, further enhancing its efficiency and organisation capabilities. Small parts trays provide an effective solution for storing and organising small items, such as nuts, bolts, screws, and other components.

By incorporating small parts trays into your RUT shelving system, you can:

  • Maximise storage space by utilising the full height and depth of the shelves.
  • Easily locate and retrieve small items, improving workflow and productivity.
  • Prevent loss or damage to small items by keeping them securely in designated trays.

Where to use RUT shelving

RUT shelves in warehouse


RUT shelving can be used in a wide range of environments, including:

  • Warehouses and distribution centres
  • Offices and commercial buildings
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Retail stores and outlets
  • Manufacturing facilities

Here are some examples of how RUT shelving can be used in your space:

Workshop and Warehouse Storage

In workshop and warehouse environments, RUT shelving can be used to store spare parts, tools, and equipment. The adjustable shelves and sturdy construction make it an ideal solution for organising and accessing inventory efficiently.

Office and Filing System

RUT shelving can also be employed in office settings to organise files, paperwork, and office supplies. The customisable shelving system allows for efficient document management and easy retrieval of important information.

Retail Stockrooms

In retail stockrooms, RUT shelving can be used to store merchandise, inventory, and supplies. The adjustable shelves and versatility of the system allow for efficient organisation and easy access to products.

Libraries and Museums

Libraries and museums can benefit from RUT shelving to store books, documents, artifacts, and other valuable items. The solid construction and customisable shelving options provide a secure and organised storage solution.

How RUT Shelving can maximise efficiency in your workplace

To further optimise the efficiency and organisation of your RUT shelving system, consider incorporating accessories designed specifically for RUT shelving. These accessories can help maximise storage space, improve accessibility, and enhance overall workflow. Here are some popular accessories:

  • Sliding dividers — Divide shelves into compartments for better organisation and separation of items.

  • Adjustable dividers — Customise the size of compartments to accommodate various item sizes.

  • Bin fronts — Attachable fronts to create enclosed storage for loose items.

  • Lockable doors — Add doors to selected bays for added security and protection of valuable items.

  • Metal containers — Utilise metal containers for storing small parts or items that need extra protection.

  • Small parts bins — Optimise storage of small items with dedicated bins that can be easily accessed and replenished.

  • Label holders — Label shelves or compartments to quickly identify stored items and improve inventory management.

By utilising these accessories, you can enhance the functionality and efficiency of your RUT shelving system, ensuring a streamlined and organised storage solution.

Cleaning and maintaining your RUT Shelving

RUT shelving with dividers


To maintain the performance and longevity of your RUT shelving, it is important to follow proper maintenance and care procedures. Here are some tips:

  • Regularly inspect the shelving system for any signs of damage, such as bent frames or loose bolts. Repair or replace damaged components promptly.

  • Keep the shelving unit clean by regularly removing dust and debris. This will prevent build-up and ensure smooth operation.

  • Avoid overloading shelves beyond their recommended weight limits. Distribute weight evenly across the shelves to maintain balance and stability.

  • Use appropriate lifting equipment and techniques when moving or reconfiguring the shelving system to prevent injuries and damage.

  • Consider applying a protective coating or touch-up paint to any exposed areas that may be prone to corrosion.

By following these maintenance practices, you can prolong the lifespan of your RUT shelving and ensure its continued efficiency and reliability.

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By optimising your shelving configuration and utilising accessories, you can maximise your storage space and streamline your operations. 

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