All materials and workmanship subject to the following conditions:

Acceptance of goods is evidence they were received in good order and condition. Any claims made under warranty must include a copy of the original purchase invoice to evidence the date of purchase and apply to original purchases only. The warranty is not transferable and does not apply to second-hand or refurbished goods.

Warranty applies to the operation of the product and does not cover panel damage or deterioration of finish incurred after delivery. Warranty does not apply to locks, lost keys and mechanisms used in products. This warranty does not apply if a defect occurs as a result of the product being used for a purpose other than that for which it’s suited, accidental damage, neglect and/or wear and tear, and use outdoors or in corrosive, dusty or salty environments. Defective operation caused by abuse, misuse, excessive or uneven loading or inappropriate use of the goods, including unauthorised attempts at repair, are also not covered under this warranty.

Steelspan Storage Systems International Pty Limited reserve the right to inspect all warranty claims prior to commencement of any repairs. All warranty inspections and claims are at the discretion of Steelspan Storage Systems International Pty Limited.

Equipment requiring repairs under warranty where the repair cannot be carried out on site, is to be returned to our premises, repaired and returned to the site. All repairs will be completed, wherever practical and conditional on availability of replacement components, within 10 working days of receipt into our factory. Should replacement parts be unavailable for reasons beyond the reasonable control of Steelspan Storage Systems International Pty Limited, the company reserves the right to replace products under warranty with products of similar specification.

The freight cost incurred on all goods covered under warranty is the responsibility of Steelspan Storage Systems International Pty Limited. Accordingly, Steelspan Storage Systems International Pty Limited reserve the right to nominate methods of transport and carriers.

This warranty is limited to the replacement cost of the product and no responsibility is accepted for consequential damages.