- Easily adjustable shelving
- Cost efficiency
- Light weight, but heavy duty!
- Boltless, modular form
- High tech design, attractive bright finish
- Various heights, widths and depths
- Wide range of unique accessories
- Simple and quick assembly
- High load bearing capacities, exceptional strength
- Made from certified, prime quality, zinc coated, high tensile steel, ensuring superb performance and a high level of durability
- Super 123 carries the German TŰV-GS approval mark. The product meets the requirements of the Equipment Safety Law


Metalsistem galvanised steel shelving is a fully adjustable boltless shelving system designed to meet the needs of light to medium storage requirements. With an extensive range of components Metalsistem's galvanised steel shelving can be used to construct standard shelving, small parts storage structures, retail product displays, two-tier structures and product flow lines.
Metalsistem galvanised steel shelving's smart design means it is efficient to manufacture, light weight yet robust and produces minimal environmental impact, which all leads to a cost effective and ethical solution.


It's not often you find a product that is equally at home in the warehouse and exclusive clothing outlets, yet the Metalsistem galvanised steel shelving and display system is able to meet that challenge. View the real project images in the Gallery to see Metalsistem galvanised steel shelving used to store car parts, archive boxes, retail wine displays, clothing, hardware, books and even in the constructution of in-store and office furniture.


Metalsistem galvanised steel shelving offers a range suitable for just about any storage and display application. Whether it's warehouse storage, retail product displays, office archiving, mult-tier vertical storage, workshop shelving, small parts storage or home storage, Metalsistem can offer a functional, cost effective and attractively designed solution.


Metalsistem's galvanised steel shelving is efficiently and beautifully designed, modular and flexible in application and meets the highest standards in safety and environmental care.


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