Where metal pegboard panel is required to be fixed directly to a flat wall, Steelspan provides suitable fittings to ensure a tidy and secure installation. With the appropriate fixtures metal pegboard can be fitted to timber, plasterboard and masonary walls. pegboard fixing battenpegboard edge profile  
Installation Guide
Step 1: Secure Tophat Battens to wall using appropriate fasteners. Use the layout as shown in the animation below.
fixing pegboard batten  Step 2: (Optional) Where the application requires a refined finish (eg. Retail displays) attach Edge Profiles to the outer perimeter of the battens.fixing pegboard batten step2  Step 3: Position and fix the metal pegboard to the battens using self-drilling screws.fixing pegboard batten step3  
The complete process of fixing a pegboard panel to a wall can be seen in this animation. Shown is the best configuration for the tophat wall battens.
Steelspan can provide pegboard panels in custom sizes to suite your requirements and all of the appropriate fittings for a tidy and secure installation.
fixing pegboard animation