A tool shadow board is a practical solution to ensuring all workshop tools are returned at the end of the work day. The shadow board can be quickly scanned to indentify any missing tools - saving time and the expense of replacing expensive tools. 

Instructions are provided below of how to make a tool shadow board using Steelspan's Metal Pegboard Tool Display. Steelspan provides a heavy duty adhesive vinyl stencil film for creating tool silhouettes. The vinyl stencil film is easily cut to the exact shape of each tool and secured to the metal pegboard to create a shadow board. Steelspan's vinyl film has strong adhesion properties to polished metal and gloss painted surfaces and can withstand the rigors of the workshop.


shadow board 1
Step 1: Shown is the heavy duty shadow board vinyl film used for creating the tool silhouettes. Select the tools requiring silhouettes for the shadow board and lay out to determine the most economical use of the vinyl film. 

shadow board 2
Step 2: Turn over the vinyl film and lay out the tools with the prefered face of the tool down on the back of the vinyl. Trace the shape of the tool with pencil or marker.

shadow board 3
Step 3: Cut out the tool silhouettes using a sharp blade.

shadow board 4
Step 4: Shown are examples of the shadow board tool silhouettes cut from the vinyl film.

shadow board 5
Step 5: Lay out the tool silhouettes on the metal pegboard in the desired arrangement by hanging on the pegboard hooks.

shadow board 6
Step 6: Remove the vinyl film backing and stick each tool silhouette to the metal pegboard. 

shadow board 7
Step 7: Shown is the finished shadow board with tools hanging in position.

Steelspan is able to provide all the required components to make a tool shadow board, including Tool Silhouette Vinyl Stencil Film, Metal Pegboard and Pegboard Hooks.