Cantilever Rack - Double Sided - Heavy Duty - Hot Dip Galvanized - Add-On Bay - Height 4572mm

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Bay Width: 900mm
Arm Length: 900mm
Number of Arm Levels: 1 Arm Level
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Cantilever Racking is a useful storage solution for irregularly shaped or long length items that cannot be stored with standing pallet racking systems.

Our Cantilever Racking System is constructed from high grade steel which is manufactured to exact tolerances and certified to FEM 10.2.09, so you can trust that you're getting a compliant and safe storage solution.

Our Cantilever Racking System is available in a wide range of heights, depths, and arm lengths, which means that it can be easily configured to meet the demands of any space.

Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking columns are made of roll-formed C/C profile quality steel and have a width of 305mm. Available arm lengths are 900mm, 1200mm or 1500mm, and bay widths range from 900mm to 1800mm. Our Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking system can support up to 7,470kg per bay, depending on the configuration (see table below). If you need custom made racking to support even heavier loads contact our team and we can help manufacture it to your specification.

We configure our bays as Full Bays or Add On Bays. Full Bays consist of two Columns, Bracing and Arms. Add On Bays are for extending Full Bays and consist of one Column, Bracing and arms.

If the desired configuration is not available on our website contact us for a quote on a custom order and we can have Cantilever Racking manufactured to your specifications.

Our Cantilever Racking comes in a Hot Dip Galvanised finish for robust, outdoor use and requires minimal maintenance - we recommend yearly inspections to identify any damage that may have occurred.

We provide a nationwide shipping service in Australia and can be reached by phone or email. Our team of experts can help you choose the right Cantilever Racking System for your specific needs, ensuring that you get the best possible storage solution for your warehouse.

We serve Sydney, Newcastle & Regional NSW - Canberra, ACT - Melbourne & Regional Victoria - Brisbane & Regional Queensland - Adelaide & Regional South Australia - Perth & Regional Western Australia - Hobart & Regional Tasmania - Darwin and Regional Northern Territory. Shipping can be calculated at check out.


Available Dimensions
Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking

Arms (Depth) Columns (Height) Braces (Bay Widths)
- 900mm (890kg/arm) - 3048mm - 900mm
- 1200mm (665kg/arm) - 4572mm - 1200mm
- 1500mm (525kg/arm) - 5791mm - 1500mm
- 1800mm

*NOTE: Bay Widths are measured from the centre of one Base to another Base. To calculate the total external dimensions of your row of cantilever racking add 210mm to the total. 

Eg. a Heavy Duty 1500mm Wide Full Bay connected to a 1200mm Wide Add On Bay would have an external width of 2910mm.

The total external depths are the Arm length + 320mm. 

Maximum Column Capacities
Weight each Cantilever Rack column side can bear.

Arm Length
Column Height
900mm 1200mm 1500mm
3048mm 3735kg 2805kg 2235kg
4572mm 3716kg 3060kg 2432kg
5791mm 3408kg 2898kg 2514kg


IMPORTANT NOTE: Cantilever Load Retaining Pins sold separately.

Brochure - Warehouse Storage Solutions - Selective Pallet Racking and Cantilever Racking

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