Cantilever Racking Working Load Limit Sign


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Cantilever Racking Working Load Limit Sign for use on Steelspan Cantilever Racking ONLY.

A Cantilever Racking Working Load Limit Sign is required on each run of racking to meet the requirements of FEM 10.02.09.

There are two critical rated capacities related to racking and they should never be exceeded. They are:

  • maximum unit load
  • Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL) per arm

Unit load is an individual stored item – e.g. an object that can be placed or retrieved in one operation.

Total weight of unit loads stored on an arm must not exceed the rated capacity of that arm.

This information should be provided to people who use the racks. One of the most effective means of providing this information is to mark it clearly in a visible location on the racking.

The safe load sign must include the following:

  • Racking manufacturer’s name, supplier’s name and trademark, and the installation date
  • Designer’s name (company or individual)
  • Working unit load limit
  • Total working unit load limit for each arm
  • Quantity of raised arms
  • Maximum distance from the base plate level to the height of the top arm

There should always be some way of determining the weight of each load being placed into the racking.

Note: This Cantilever Working Load Limit Sign is for use on Steelspan Cantilever Racking ONLY. Installers must consult with Steelspan Storage Systems with respect to the design of the racking and correct assembly, installation, usage and signage. No liability will be accepted for other racking installations by other manufacturers or incorrect installation, design, usage and signage of Steelspan Cantilever Racking.

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