FTB Support With Board Retainer

SKU: PR-FTB-1219

Length: 1219mm
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Steelspan Front To Back (FTB) Supports offer a dependable and versatile solution for creating sturdy timber board surfaces for storage on Pallet Racking.

Key Features:

Available in Two Lengths: Tailor your storage setup with ease. Our FTB Supports come in two lengths, 1219mm or 838mm, ensuring you have the right fit for your pallet racking needs.

Enhanced Timber Support: Designed to complement timber, these supports have a retainer built in to prevent forward or backward movement of the board.

Combat Moisture and Weight: Prolonged exposure to moisture or heavy loads can cause timber boards to sag, compromising your storage efficiency. Our FTB Supports are engineered to combat these issues, keeping your boards level and resilient, even in challenging conditions.

Preserve Load Capacity: It's important to note that while these supports maintain the load capacity of the beam, they are not intended to increase the safe work load capacity. Safety remains paramount, and our FTB Supports are designed with this principle in mind.

Australian Durability: Designed right here in Australia, our FTB Supports are synonymous with quality and longevity. Trust in their ability to endure the demands of your industrial environment.

Ensure Stability and Reliability

When it comes to safeguarding your storage system from moisture-induced sagging and continuous weight strain, look no further than our Front To Back (FTB) Supports. These supports are the backbone of your pallet racking setup, ensuring that your boards remain level, reliable, and robust.

Invest in stability. Invest in reliability. Invest in Steelspan FTB Supports for Pallet Racking - your go-to solution for dependable storage in Australia. Choose your preferred length and order now, shipping can be calculated at checkout.

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