Heavy Duty Castor 500kg/Wheel


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When it comes to moving heavy loads with ease, look no further than our Heavy Duty Castor Wheels designed to fit Steelspan Pallet Racking. Manufactured to effortlessly support up to a whopping 500kg, these wheels are the ultimate solution for streamlining your material handling operations.

Key Features:

Exceptional Load Capacity: With the ability to handle up to 500kg per wheel, our castor wheels are engineered for the most demanding tasks. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple trips – one trip is all you need.

Superior Mobility: These heavy-duty castor wheels provide outstanding manoeuvrability, allowing you to navigate tight spaces and corners effortlessly. No more struggling with heavy loads; let the wheels do the work.

Built to Last: Crafted from robust materials, these wheels are built to endure the rigours of industrial use. Trust in their durability and reliability for the long haul.

Easy Installation: Installing our castor wheels is a breeze, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity. Get back to work faster with our user-friendly setup.

Versatile Applications: Whether you're in a warehouse, distribution centre, or any setting that requires moving substantial loads, our castor wheels are the perfect solution. They provide the versatility you need for various applications.

Enhance Your Material Handling Efforts Today

Don't let heavy loads slow you down. Upgrade your equipment with our Heavy Duty Castor Wheels and experience a new level of efficiency and convenience.

Invest in mobility. Invest in strength. Invest in Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Castor Wheels – your key to effortless material handling. Order now through the website, shipping can be calculated at checkout.

NOTE: Our Heavy Duty Castor Wheels are designed to fit Steelspan Pallet Racking only.

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