In-Ground Removable Lockable Safety Bollard - 90mm Diameter

SKU: EV307

Sale price$205.70


The IN-GROUND REMOVABLE LOCKABLE Safety Bollard is designed to slide into a sleeve, core drilled into the concrete or asphalt or set in new concrete. The Removable IN-Lockable Safety Bollard is locked into the sleeve via a padlock to keep vehicles out, and when access is required, unlock and remove the bollard.

These removable bollards are fantastic to use as a security and safety mechanism at factory door entry points and even across driveways.

The bright safety yellow means the removable bollards stand out, making them clearly visible to the eye both day and night. Improve your safety and security to your residence for peace of mind, knowing that IN-GROUND REMOVABLE LOCKABLE Type Safety Bollard is keeping access restricted at your residence.

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