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Our mezzanine floors are prefabricated to exacting standards and are offered in a number of storage classes including light, medium and heavy-duty, to help you choose the right storage solution for your business.

Why Using a Mezzanine Floor Kit

Mezzanine floors are structures constructed out of metal that create a second floor inside your existing space. This allows you to increase the available storage area in your warehouse, create a second floor for an office or double your business’ floor space without having to look for a new location.

Our mezzanine floor kits are free standing structures, engineered and fabricated in-house to Australian standards. This means that they are high quality constructs that can withstand long periods of heavy use and can be used to provide your business with the added space it needs over the long term.

Our offer is flexible, with a number of weight classes and the option of installing the kit for yourself or us installing it for you, allowing you to choose the most cost effective solution for your needs.

Benefits of Mezzanine Floor Kits
  • Flexible sizes and designs. Our designs come in a variety of sizes and are customised to suits your business requirements
  • Free-standing kits. Our kits are free-standing meaning that there is no need to affix them to your walls or floors, and that they are quick to set up or take down as needed
  • Choice to construct it yourself. We give you the choice to construct your kit yourself, giving you the flexibility to do it in your own time, using your own people.
  • High safety standards. All our kits are made with safety and quality in mind and are designed to satisfy both Australian and BCA Standards.
  • Short lead times. Our lead times are incredibly short, allowing us to customise, fabricate and set up your mezzanine floor within weeks.

Mezzanine Kit Options

We have three kits to choose from to suit your requirements.

Light Kit

For light storage

Intended to be used for light storage it can act as a small office or used for storing lighter goods.

  • Suitable for light storage and small offices
  • It can hold up to 350 Kg/m2
  • It is the most affordable solution
  • Comes in any size to suit your needs
Medium Kit

Medium Storage/Office

Our medium kits are suitable for most standard storage requirements and offices of any size.

  • It can hold up to 500 Kg/m2
  • It is suitable for commercial purposes
  • Suitable for most storage types and any office size
  • Comes in any size to suit your need
Heavy-Duty Kit

For heavy storage

Our heavy-duty kits are intended for heavy storage needs such as large goods or gyms.

  • It can hold over 500 Kg/m2
  • Comes with pallet racking systems on the floor
  • Comes in any size to suit your needs
  • Suitable for heavy storage or other uses such as gym

Mezzanine Product Brochure [PDF]

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