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Raised storage areas (commonly called Mezzanine Floors) are a cost-effective way to increase your usable storage and office space. Our structural mezzanine floors are designed to achieve just this, and they are a much more affordable solution than moving premises. Plus, they are designed and fabricated in-house, right here in Australia.

Each one of our floors are free-standing, meaning they can be fabricated, installed, and be ready to use in a short amount of time. We design each one of them to suit your requirements by completing a site measure prior to design work. We have years of experience in constructing floors both small and large. And for a number of uses including light-weight office to heavy-duty storage, and even two-level floors.

Benefits of Mezzanine Floors

Our mezzanine floors are a proven way of increasing the utility of your warehouse or office space but apart from just providing an easy, practical way of improving your current site without moving. Other benefits include:

  • Cost-effective construction. Mezzanine floors are quick to manufacture and construct making them a cost effective way of increasing your floor space, particularly when you compare to the cost of moving your business to a larger workspace.
  • Customisable. From heavy-duty storage to office spaces and breakout areas, mezzanine floors are highly customisable structures that can be tailored to your businesses specific needs.
  • Can be quickly constructed or removed. Due to the fact that mezzanine floors are manufactured off-site their installation is very efficient and because they are free-standing structures, requiring no need to be bolted into your floors or walls, they can be taken down quickly and without any permanent damage to your existing space.

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