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Mezzanine office floors are an easy and cost-effective way of adding a separate office workspace to your existing business or warehouse. Our mezzanine offices are manufactured as free-standing structures, which means that they can be built to maximise the use of your floor space without needing to move locations.

Each of our mezzanine offices is custom designed to suit your specific needs. Whether you want an office that overlooks your factory floor or a private workspace tucked away in the corner of the warehouse, we design each piece with your requirements to guide the construction. Everything from floors to walls and staircases can be designed to suit your vision of your new office.

Each of our mezzanine office floors is designed and manufactured in Australia, which means that they are built to satisfy stringent Australia safety and quality standards.

Mezzanine Office Benefits

Mezzanine offices are quick and easy builds that come with a host of benefits for the customer and their warehouse or business space. Some of the major benefits of mezzanine offices are:

  • Maximises your existing space. The most obvious benefit of a mezzanine floor is the fact that it utilises your existing space. Rather than having to move to a different location, you can build an office right where you are, maximising the space in your warehouse or business.
  • Your mezzanine office goes where you go. For many business owners, renting a space is the simplest way to ensure they have the space they need, however, it can be difficult to find a place that suits their requirements to a T. The great news is that mezzanine offices can be constructed in a rented space without altering or damaging the existing space, and when you move you can move your mezzanine office with you, ensuring that your investment doesn’t disappear.
  • Quick, customisable construction. As a pre-fabricated, free-standing build, mezzanine offices are quick to construct and easily customisable to suit your office requirements.
  • Affordable, cost-effective office construction. Building a mezzanine floor is much more affordable than moving locations or building something permanent, which makes it a much more cost-effective method of transforming your space than some of the costly alternatives.
Mezzanine Office Construction

Over the years we have developed a careful construction plan to ensure that each mezzanine office build is treated with the same individual attention it deserves.

    • First, we start each engagement with a site inspection to review the space, take measurements and discuss the needs and requirements.
    • We then take these requirements and design a mezzanine office to suit the specific vision of the customer, ensuring that it satisfies the budget and specifications discussed during the inspection.
    • Once the design is approved we begin the manufacturing process, using high-quality Australian steel for the frame.
    • We will then deliver the mezzanine office frame to the client’s site and complete the construction, building a freestanding structure that can be raised or deconstructed as required.
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