Module 9 with Overhead Cabinets

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Colour: Blue
Work Bench Top: Laminated (Colour: Formica "Ironstone")
Pegboard: Aluminium - Back Only
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Modular storage system including a combination of work bench, tool drawers, cabinet, overhead cabinets, shelving and metal pegboard.


- Heavy duty work bench storage system
- Free standing
- Industrial strength
- Secure key lockable drawers and cabinet
- Quality ball bearing drawer runners
- Tool drawer dividers
- Quick installation
- Integrates with any other Steelspan storage system module


- Laminated (Colour: Formica "Ironstone", 25mm), Stainless Steel (option)
- Pegboard tool display: Aluminium diamond plate (standard), Stainless steel (option)


- Powder coated steel drawers, cabinets, shelving and frame
- Metal pegboard
- Load capacity: 450kg/UDL


Height: 2100mm
Width: 2865mm
Depth: 600mm

Cabinet 915 Internal Dimensions:

Height: 807mm
Width: 888mm

Depth: 415mm

Internal Dimensions:

Height: 807mm
Width: 888mm

Depth: 415mm

Overhead Cabinet Internal:

Height: 445mm
Width: 888mm
Depth: 212mm

D4 4 Drawer Internals

Large Drawer Internal:
Height: 100mm
Width: 490mm
Depth: 370mm

Small Drawer Internal:
Height: 100mm
Width: 220mm
Depth: 370mm


2 x End Frame
1 x Open End Frame
8 x Beam 1800
8 x Beam 900
1 x Shelf
1 x Work Bench Top 1800
1 x Tool Display 1800
2 x Overhead Cabinet
1 x 4 Drawer Cabinet
1 x Cabinet 915
1 x Pegboard Hook & Bin Kit

Product Brochure - Work Bench and Storage Systems (PDF)

Assembly Instructions – Work Bench and Storage Systems (PDF)

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