Pallet Racking Hot Dip Galvanised - 914 x 1220 - Full Bay

SKU: PR914F-HDG-D1220-L1372-80-1

Beam: L1372 x H80 X D50. Capacity 2500kg/UDL per pair.
Beam Levels: 1 x Beam Levels
Sale price$235.18


Steelspan Pallet Racking is certified in Australia to Australian Standard 4084-2012.

Beam box height: 80/100/140mm

Beam box depth 50mm

NOTE: add 90mm to width per End Frame. Full Bays have two End Frames, whereas Add On Bays have one End Frame and are designed to extend Full Bays.

Pitch: 76.2mm

Total Bay Capacity: Up to 8400kg

Beam Locking Pins included

Concrete Anchors included


- Frame: Pre Galvanised

- Beam: Hot Dipped Galvanised

Product Brochure - Warehouse Storage Systems (PDF)

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