Tech Tray - Multiple Sizes (6 Pack)


Size (Packs of 6 Tech Trays): Small
Colour: Blue
Sale price$51.48


Tech Trays are an efficient storage solution and a fantastic way to keep your small parts organised in your workspace. They are constructed primarily from polypropylene with 20% talc for improved strength and durability so you know that your parts are safe and the tray is built to last. Tech trays come in packs of 6.

  • Constructed from polypropylene and 20% talc for durability.
  • Tech Trays are BPA free for your peace of mind.
  • Female connectors so you can add dividers, allowing for extra organisation.
  • Label slot for easily identifying contents


Small Tray: 322mm L x 100mm W x 100mm D
Medium Tray: 422mm L x 100mm W x 100mm D
Intermediate Tray: 322mm L x 200mm W x 100mm D
Large Tray: 422mm L x 200mm W x 100mm D
Extra Long Tray: 626mm L x 100mm W x 100mm D
Extra Large Tray: 626mm L x 200mm W x 100mm D


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