Black Powder Coated Shelving

Steelspan garage shelving is ideal for a range of applications, including the home, retail shop, workshop or storage facilities. Its stylish medium gloss black powder-coated finish is easy to maintain and is unobtrusive when displaying retail stock. Steelspan garage shelving's robust construction is equally at home in the commercial workshop, able to cope with the load of heavy machinery components and the dense storage of small parts.

Garage Shelving is composed of three of the components of the Steelspan Storage System - End Frames, Horizontal Beams and Shelves. Horizontal Beams are easily connected to the End Frame at height increments of 50mm and secured with lock pins. Shelves are then placed into the stepped recesses of the Horizontal Beam. By using the longer beam you can create a 1800mm wide shelving bay or by using the short beam you can create a 900mm bay. Garage Shelving bays can be interconnected to create storage banks of any length. Of course the shelving frame structure is compliant with other components of the Steelspan Storage System, thus a combination of lockable steel cabinets and draws, metal pegboard displays and workbench tops may be integrated with the shelving bank.

For more robust applications the Steelspan frame may be secured to the floor with the addition of End Frame footplates.