Warehouse Shelving

Steelspan galvanised warehouse shelving is a comprehensive solution to warehouse storage shelving. The galvanised warehouse shelving system may be utilised to construct standard shelving to heights 5 metres, 800mm depth and any length. 

Steelspan galvanised warehouse shelving may be used to construct two-tiered storage structures up to 5 metres high with walkways, stairwells and platform areas.

Extensive banks of shelving with the full range of galvanised warehouse shelving accessories may be created to fully utilise vertical space and efficiently store just about any product, part or accessory.

Steelspan Multi-tier storage solutions will ensure that costly warehouse space is fully utilised and products and parts are stored for ready access. 

All Steelspan structures are designed and engineered to meet international safety standards.

Contact a Steelspan Storage Systems consultant to gain advice about how Steelspan galvanised warehouse shelving can address your warehouse storage requirements.