Great News! We Have a New Range of Longspan Metal Shelving.

So you are looking for shelving you can trust? Great news! We have extended our range of Longspan Metal Shelving.

Our customers have trialed and tested other metal shelving units but nothing can compare to the durability and strength of Steelspan products. You can stop watching anxiously as your old shelves bend under the weight of your items. Put your mind at ease and purchase steel shelving fit for your needs, with a load capacity of up to 890kg/UDL per shelf level.

"After purchasing cheap lesser quality products from internet sellers, I decided to give Steelspan a go. I am thrilled with the quality of the products and the ability to taylor the sizes according to my needs. Great service and fast delivery also. 11/10." - Mark A.

Steelspan's robust Longspan Metal Shelving was designed right here in Australia and is renowned for its quality and industrial strength. With the new range of sizes it can be configured to suit any space with depths of 500mm or 800mm, widths ranging from 600mm to 1200mm and heights from 1000mm to 4200mm. All the shelves are height adjustable at 50mm increments and you can decide how many shelf levels you need per bay!

Steelspan Longspan Metal Shelving

Steelspan Longspan Metal Shelving is configured as Full Bays or Add-On Bays. A Full Bay consists of two End Frames, Horizontal Beams and Shelves and is standalone. Whereas an Add On Bay consists of only one End Frame, Horizontal Beams and Shelves and is designed to expand existing Full Bays or other Steelspan Modules. All of our Longspan Metal Shelving is compatible with Steelspan Modules so you can add shelving to a Work Bench and Cabinet System such as our Module 10 [pictured below].

Steelspan Storage Systems - Work Bench and Storage System in Home Garage - Steel Cabinets, Metal Work Bench, Pegboard, Overhead Cabinets with Gas Struts, Steel Drawers with Dividers, Longspan Metal ShelvingPictured: Module 10 with Overhead Cabinets with Module 12 and Longspan Metal Shelving.


Depending on your needs, shelves can be configured with Particleboard, Mesh or Steel surfaces. The Longspan Metal Frame is constructed of high quality, black powder coated steel so will suit any space and is strong enough to support heavy loads without stress.

Steelspan Longspan Metal Shelving - Particleboard, Mesh and Steel Shelves

Our storage products are used by countless happy customers around the country in home garages, workshops, warehouses and even retail and office spaces. We ship nation wide and ordering is as simple as checking out online or giving us a call!