What is Cantilever Racking? A Versatile Storage Solution for Australian Warehouses

Effective and efficient storage is crucial for businesses operating in various industries, and finding the right solution to accommodate bulky and irregularly shaped items can be a challenge. This is where Cantilever Racking comes into play. As a popular storage system, Cantilever Racking offers a versatile solution for Australian warehouses, providing easy access and efficient organisation for items that don't fit traditional pallet racking systems. In this blog, we will explore what Cantilever Racking is, its benefits, and why it is an ideal choice for Australian businesses.

Cantilever Racking: Designed for Irregular Items

Steelspan Cantilever Racking storing long, irregular metal stock

Cantilever Racking is specifically designed to store large, long-length, and irregularly shaped items that cannot be easily accommodated by standard pallet racking systems. These items often include metal pipes, steel sheets, timber, furniture, and other lengthy or heavy materials commonly found in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and retail.

How Does Cantilever Racking Work?

Steelspan Cantilever Racking components

Cantilever Racking is characterised by its open design, allowing for easy access to stored items from all sides. The system consists of four key structural components: sturdy steel bases, vertical uprights (columns), horizontal arms, and support braces. The steel bases are securely anchored to the ground and serve as a foundation for the vertical uprights, which support the horizontal arms. These arms act as shelves, providing ample storage space for long and bulky items. Additionally, the support braces located at the back of the system enhance its structural integrity, ensuring it can bear the weight of the rack and the stored products.

What types of Cantilever Racking are available?

Cantilever Racking is available in Standard Duty or Heavy Duty variants. Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking is constructed of thicker steel components and stronger anchor points that enable it to bear more weight. The amount of weight Cantilever Racking can support depends on its thickness, the length of the horizontal arms and the bay width. Cantilever Racking is highly configurable to your specific business needs with a range of heights, strengths, arm lengths and bay widths available.

The finish of Cantilever Racking is typically Powder Coated steel, however if outdoor use is required Hot Dip Galvanised Steel options are also available that are designed to withstand the elements.

Cantilever Racking is also configurable as single sided or double sided bays depending on whether you need storage for irregular items against a wall or if you need access on both sides.

Benefits of Cantilever Racking

  • Versatile Storage: Cantilever Racking offers exceptional versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. Whether you're dealing with construction materials, furniture, or other lengthy items, Cantilever Racking can be configured to meet your specific storage needs.

  • Easy Access: Unlike traditional pallet racking systems that may restrict access to items, Cantilever Racking provides easy access from all sides. This allows for quick retrieval and restocking of inventory, enhancing overall productivity in the warehouse.

  • Adjustable and Configurable: Cantilever Racking systems are highly adjustable and configurable to accommodate items of varying sizes and quantities. The arms can be easily adjusted or removed to create the desired storage space, providing flexibility as your inventory needs evolve.

  • Space Optimization: With its open design and flexible configuration options, Cantilever Racking optimises space utilisation in your warehouse. By maximising vertical storage, it allows for more efficient use of available floor space.

  • Enhanced Safety: When designed and installed correctly, Cantilever Racking ensures the safety of warehouse workers and the stored items. Professional installation and compliance with safety regulations are essential to maintain a secure storage environment.

Choosing Cantilever Racking for Australian Warehouses 

Cantilever Racking is an excellent storage solution for Australian businesses, given the unique storage challenges faced in various industries. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a racking solution for your space:

  • Customisation: Cantilever Racking can be customised to suit the specific requirements of your warehouse space. Typically there is a wide range of configurations, heights, depths, and arm lengths. This allows for tailored solutions that maximise storage efficiency. Measure your available space and consult with an expert to plan out your Cantilever Racking installation.

  • Quality and Compliance: it is important to ensure Cantilever Racking systems are constructed from high-grade steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Only purchase Cantilever Racking that meets FEM 10.2.09 standards so that the system will meet Australian safety and compliance regulations and provide peace of mind to warehouse operators.

  • Modularity and Availability: Be sure to purchase from a reputable Australian seller that will have stock available should you choose to expand your system. Cantilever Racking is a modular system meaning you can expand as your storage needs do.

  • Support: purchasing from a reputable Australian supplier also means that you have expert support when you need it. Cantilever Racking experts can guide you through the design and installation process and also assist with signage and inspections so that your system meets Australian standards.

Choose Cantilever Racking for Optimal Storage Efficiency

When it comes to storing bulky and irregularly shaped items, Cantilever Racking is a versatile and efficient solution for Australian warehouses. With its easy access, configurability, and space optimization capabilities, Cantilever Racking can enhance productivity and streamline operations in your warehouse. By choosing a reputable provider like Steelspan, you can ensure quality, compliance, and expert support throughout the process. Embrace the benefits of Cantilever Racking and unlock the full potential of your warehouse storage capabilities.

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